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IUI Process and Options

“When we first began thinking about having a child we had a hard time finding allies in the medical community to help us make our dream a reality. Then we found Aurora Medical Services. We knew we were in the right place when we saw Curve magazine out in the waiting room! At Aurora, the staff and providers seemed almost as excited as we were about helping us become parents. We were so happy with the care we received at Aurora that we invited two of the staff members to provide labor support at our birth. Becoming parents was the biggest decision of our lives, and Aurora Medical Services was there with us every step of the way.”

Facts on Aurora Medical Services Insemination Program

At Aurora Medical Services, we support women in their decision to become mothers on their own terms. In 2003, in response to a need expressed by patients and friends in the lesbian community, we expanded our services to include donor insemination, both vaginal and intrauterine, with fresh or frozen sperm .

We do not provide insemination for women with infertility. Our program is for healthy women, partnered or single, of any sexual orientation, seeking to begin or grow their families using known or anonymous sperm donors. Partners and known donors are welcome in our clinic throughout the insemination process. Visits are personalized to meet individual needs.

We know that planning a pregnancy can be an exciting time but when there is a need for technical assistance, anxieties can rise. We commit to providing expertise, support and choice in your process.

In virtually all cases, these services are NOT covered by insurance. All fees will be collected at the time of service.

Generally, the first appointment you will have with us will be an initial insemination consultation visit, which includes discussion of your health history and an overview of the insemination process. Partners, known donors and/or support-persons are welcome at this time and at all insemination visits. The initial consultation is a good time to get to know our nurse-practitioner, Susannah Herrmann, ARNP, and also to get all your questions answered regarding the insemination process at AMS. Charges for appointments are determined using a sliding scale based on income, and depend on the length of the visit. For the initial consultation, prices will fall somewhere between $96 and $215 for new patients.

The following are helpful to have with you at the time of the initial consultation, but are not necessary, especially if you are just beginning to investigate this process.

Documentation of at least 3-6 months of basal body temperatures and at least 3 months of LH surges with home LH testing
Information about where the sperm will be coming from (sperm bank or known donor).
Results of annual exam and labs that have been done within the year
If you do not have the above information, Susannah can discuss with you how to track your LH surge and basal body temperature, as well as help you decide where to get your sperm. If you have not had an annual exam in the last year, you may schedule one with Susannah. An annual exam is usually covered by insurance, though the lab tests needed to proceed with the insemination may not be covered.

Before the first insemination:

The woman’s lab work must be complete.
If using a known donor, his lab work must be complete.
Arrangements must be made to get the donated sperm to our clinic for the insemination.
Fees for insemination visits:
The office visit fee depends on the length of the visit and the woman’s income. Costs usually fall between $53 and $84 .
Insemination fee:

$150 for intrauterine insemination
$144 for intracervical insemination
$60 for sperm preparation/washing

It is important to note that we do inseminations only Monday through Friday, not on weekends. Thank you for your interest in our service. Please feel free to call our office for an appointment any time during regular business hours.