10 Strange Things People Experience While Sleeping

Have you ever experienced something strange while you were in the middle of your sleeping? Well, if you have, you are not the only one. Actually, there are a lot of sensations which are strange and can happen while you are just sleeping. We are going to present you some of them today.

10 Strange Things that Might Happen While You are Sleeping

1. Enlightenment During Sleep

Have you ever had an aha-moment while you were sleeping? This moment is actually the best answer to a problem you have been searching for. During this enlightenment, the brain will give you a clue while you are sleeping. The only thing you have to do is try to remember it after you wake up. This enlightenment will happen when the subconscious knows the answer and it is trying to provide insight.

2. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the condition when a person suddenly stops breathing in the middles of the night. Thus, resulting in them waking up. Sleep apnea will reduce the quality of sleep a lot. It will also cause arterial pressure to fluctuate during an attack, which leads to heart problems. The risk factors of sleep apnea are smoking, old age and obesity.

3. Out-of-Body Experience

In this experience, the person is half awake and half asleep. They can see themselves from somewhere outside of the body. Even though this is a phenomenon that is very difficult to study, some scientists know that this illusion does exist. However, they are not completely sure why it happens.

4. Recurring Dreams

A lot of people experience recurring dreams. They might happen a few nights in a row, or with years in between. A recurring dream has the same plot over again. Some psychologists say that the brain uses there recurring dreams to make us notice something we have not noticed in reality. The story will also keep playing out over and over until we resolve it.

5. Falling Onto the Bed

A lot of people might experience being thrown on the bed form high up. If this has happened, you might flinch and wake up from a dream where you are falling or flying. This might happen when the brain is scared. If the dream is a real threat, then the muscles will receive the impulses.

6. A Dream Within a Dream

This can actually be very scary. You may think you have woken up from a dream, however, strange things keep happening. What this means is that you were dreaming when you woke up. Scientists cannot explain the reason behind this.

7. Sleepwalking

With sleepwalking, the person is completely asleep, however, the muscles paralysis does not occur. Thus, the person can walk, clean or even leave the house. In the morning, they will not remember anything that happened while they were sleepwalking. Sleepwalking can be very dangerous. It happens to less than 10% of the population and the reason behind it is unknown.

8. Sleep Talking

If you are one of those people who talk in their sleep, you are probably not even aware it, but your partner is. People who talk in their sleep suffer from somniloquy . This condition is not dangerous, unless you are worried that you will tell all your secrets while you sleep. Men and children are more prone to sleep talking. The main reason for this is stress. It might occur when a person is trying to resits something that they do and they do not agree with it in reality.

9. Hypnagogic Hallucinations

These hallucinations happen when a person is just about to fall asleep, but they are still awake and they are seeing pictures in their mind. These are often scary faces or creatures. Children are the ones who experience them most. They can happen due to stress or an active imagination.

10. Sleep Paralysis

If you have ever experienced it, you would know how terrifying sleep paralysis can be. When this happens, you will wake in the middle of the night and you would not be able to move. You might also have feelings or hallucinations that someone else is the room. This happens when the muscles ‘turn off’ but the brain is awake. Around 7% of the population has experienced sleep paralysis at least once.

We hope that this information was useful and shed some light into some sleep problems that you might have been having. You do not need to worry, because most of us do. Just make sure you lead a stress-free life and you get a good night’s sleep.


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