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Calm Down a Fussy Baby Instantly by Massaging These 7 Points

Reflexology is actually the practice of massaging the feet to stimulate certain nerve endings. These nerve endings correspond to organs and zones in the body, therefore, you can match the certain massage with your body’s ailments.

Thus, if you have a fussy baby at home that you just cannot calm down, keep reading. The answer lies in reflexology. You should start relaxing your baby before you start the massage. This way you will encourage blood flow to the foot with a soothing foot rub or a bath. Just follow our instructions below and find the relevant area to begin your massage. Just bear in mind that you have to be gentle, because the nerve endings might be sensitive, especially if your baby is sick.

This is all you have to do.

The 7 Massaging Points Which Will Help with a Fussy Baby

1. Pelvis

The heel of the foot is connected to the pelvis, hips and tummy and because babies grow rapidly, pain and tightness in the hips is common. Thus, rubbing the heel can help with sore tummies and constipation.

2. Lower Abdomen

The portion that is between the middle of your foot and heel is linked to the lower abdomen. This spot is good for massaging if your baby is suffering from gas and bloating in the lower intestine. These are common reasons for discomfort.

3. Upper Abdomen

Just massage the space between the middle of your baby’s foot and the pads of their feet. This will aid with constipation, heartburn and digestion.

4. Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is a collection of nerves that are hidden between your stomach and lungs. It is actually connected to the point in the center of the foot, just below the pads of the feet where the arch begins. With a light massage of this point, the upset tummies, spasms, tightness and trouble breathing with your baby can be alleviated.

5. Chest

This procedure is good for babies who have congestion in the chest. The pads of the feet, just under the toes and above the arch correspond to the chest. If you apply gentle pressure to this point in a circular motion, it can relieve the discomfort of congestion or coughing. However, bear in mind that reflexology is just a complimentary therapy. If your baby has chest issues, which can be a big problem, just visit your doctor.

6. Sinuses

The underside of your baby’s toes corresponds with the sinuses. If you apply some gentle pressure to these spots, it will help with sinus pain and range of cold and allergy symptoms related to the respiratory system.

7. Head and Teeth

If you massage the tips of the toes of your baby, it can help immensely with teething. You can also do it while they are asleep, thus, they will not wake up from teething pain.

These are the 7 points which will help immensely to calm down your fussing baby. Of course, it is very difficult to keep your baby still and relaxed, however, you can try some things which can help. Some of those things are massaging while your baby is sleeping or feeding, or while in another relaxing position like a rocker or sling, or even bath time. If you want to try reflexology with an older baby, you can try playing games like ‘this little piggy went to market.’ and try massaging then.

However, the most important thing to remember here is that you have to visit a doctor, because these situations can be serious. Yes, reflexology is a very safe and effective therapy, but it is complimentary. The best thing is that it will also help you connect with your baby.


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