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Get Rid Of Back Fat and Underarm Flab With These 4 Quick Exercises!

If you deal with some extra fat on your back and arms, then you can understand how unbearable this situation can be. If you are a woman, you have probably quitted wearing strapless and open back dresses. However, this doesn’t have to be a permanent state. You can get rid of that excess fat, and will show you how. First, let’s understand what causes the fat accumulation of these places.

The back fat can appear when your back muscles lose strength. The main reason for this is probably malnutrition and poor diet. Moreover, lack of physical activity is one of the main causes for the unwanted back fat.

Underarm flab is an irritable fat on your armpits, which is usually a result of being overweight. However, several other reasons can be great contributors, such as hormonal imbalance and wearing a wrong size bra.

If you want to eliminate this problem, you should be determined and try the following 4 exercises which target these areas. The first results will be visible in only 3 weeks.

4 Effective Exercises for Back Fat and Underarm Flab

Combine the following exercises with cardio for better results. You should use 5-8 pound dumbbells in each hand when doing these 4 exercises. One set should contain 15 repetitions, and you should do 3 sets of each exercise. Do these exercises 3 times a week.

1. Push and Touch

This exercise will target your shoulders, chest and upper back. These are the steps:

  • Place your arms by your sides with palms facing forward.
  • Put your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Lift your arms up to the shoulder’s level. The back part of your arms should face the ground.
  • Pause to feel the burn.
  • Next, lift your arms over your head while your palms are behind you. Do this step very
  • Again, slowly return your arms to shoulder level, pause, and put them back to starting position.

2. Bend-over Circular Row

Your upper back, mid-back, chest, and biceps will be targeted with this exercise. These are the steps:

  • In standing position, bend your knees slightly.
  • Next, bend your body forward to make your upper body parallel to the floor.
  • Extend your hands towards the floor.
  • Make circular movements with your hands. Start from the left up to the right and down.
  • Repeat from the opposite side.

3. Crisscross Reverse Fly

The cross reverse fly exercise will tone and strengthen your shoulders and upper back. These are the instructions:

  • Slightly bend your knees and lean your upper body forward to 45-degree
  • Cross the arms at the wrists facing your knees.
  • Lift your arms slowly to the shoulder level and return to starting position.
  • Repeat with crossed wrists in the opposite direction.

4. Elbow Kiss

With this exercise, your chest and shoulders will receive special treatment. Simply, follow these steps:

  • Lift your arms at shoulder level and face your palms upwards.
  • Next, bend your knees at 90-degree
  • Pull arms in front of your torso, so that your elbows touch each other. Make sure you don’t move your shoulders.
  • Reverse these steps until you return to the starting position,

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