How to Get Rid of a Headache in 5 Minutes Without Pills

Having a headache and not having a pill on you to help with the pain can sometimes be a very difficult situation. If you are feeling it, and everything seems hopeless, we are here to tell you that you can treat it and get rid of it eventually with acupressure. We will present you with some techniques which will help you get rid of the headache quickly and effectively.

Acupressure is a type of a massage and its effectiveness has been even confirmed by scientists. It is kind of an acupuncture and reflexotherapy, however, you do not need special medical knowledge to do it.

How to Massage Acupressure Points

You will firstly need to take a comfortable and relaxing position. It will not take long to do the massage, it is like from 30 seconds to a minute on average.

You need to massage a point with some light pressing or circular movements. The headache will disappear during the massage or 5-10 minutes after it.

6 Main Points to Get Rid of a Headache

1. He Gu Points

These symmetrical points can be found on the back of the hand, between the thumb and forefinger. If you apply some pressure to the area, it will relieve a toothache, back pain and some tension in the neck muscles.

2. Shuai Gu Points

These points are 2-3 cm from the beginning of the hairline in the temple area. You might feel a small dimple to find this point. If you apply pressure to it, it will relieve pain in the temporal region and eye fatigue.

3. Tian Zhu Points

You can find these points in the back of the head, in the middle, between the ear and the beginning of the spine. If you massage them, it will relieve nasal congestion, pain in the eyes and ears, severe headache and migraine.

4. Yingxiang Points

These points are on the both sides of the nostrils in line with the eyes. To find them, you need to feel a dimple in the bottom of the cheekbones. This will help to open the sinuses, reduce headache and toothache, and relieve stress.

5. Zan Zhu Points

These points are located at the base of the inner edge of the eyebrows. If you massage this area, it will relieve a runny nose and improve visual acuity. Just do the massage for a minute. You can either do it with pressing or circular movements.

6. Yintang Point

This is the point of the third eye. You can find it between the eyebrows where the bridge of the nose passes into the forehead. This point can help with eye fatigue removal.

As you can see, you can try all of these points to help you not only with migraine removal, but other similar pains as well. The best thing about it is that you can do it at home, therefore, you should definitely try.


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