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Say Goodbye to Back Pain in Natural Way

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from back pain, mostly caused by excessive sitting, standing, and physical inactivity. The most common back pain is one of the low back area, which is also known as lumbago.

The Spine and Its Function

The spine includes 4 coccyx, 5 sacrum, 5 lumbar, 7 cervical, and 12 thoracic vertebrae, which is 33 in total. They are all linked to blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and ligaments, keeping the whole body together.

The upright posture of the body is possible due to the fact that the nerve roots of both arms and legs, and of the spinal cord as well, pass through a canal in the spine, that has a shape of a tube.

Furthermore, different range of motion is assigned to different spinal parts. For example, the chest part is remarkably less mobile in comparison with the neck part of the spine.

Therefore, the transition from one to another spinal part can lead to degenerative changes, followed by pain.

Who’s at Risk?

Increased risk of lumbago includes everything from continuous physical work to a continuous sedentary position. Furthermore, people who suffer from osteoporosis or spine congenital anomalies after a spine surgery or injury are also at risk of suffering from lumbago.

Back Pain Treatment and Prevention


Comfrey is a herb usually found in wet fields, meadows, and near water, is very beneficial for treating and relieving back pain. You can heal and eliminate back pain by using an ointment made of comfrey root extract. All you need to do is rub 4 grams of this ointment on your painful back for five days, three times a day.

Furthermore, comfrey gel is also effective in treating pain like the one after dislocation of joints in the knee, or osteoarthritis.


You can also relieve your back pain by performing some simple exercises which will be of great benefit for your back condition and health. Here are the best exercises for that purpose:

1. Press up

Lie down on your stomach and slowly raise your upper body (from the waist up) keeping your forearms flat on the ground. Stay in that position for 10 seconds, and then repeat again.

2. Knee to chest

Lie down on the back, this time with the legs put together. Then, put your hands under one of your knees and pull towards the chest. Stay in that position for 30 seconds, and afterward, repeat with the other knee.

3. Hyperextension

Lie down on your stomach. Place your hands behind your back. Then raise your chest and legs off the ground simultaneously. Stay in that position for 5 seconds, and then repeat.


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