Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Almost everyone had Wi-Fi in the house due to its convenience. However, there have been some safety concerns and the conclusion it that Wi-Fi can be detrimental to the overall health, especially in children. So, Wi-Fi has a negative effect on various things, from brain health to sleep quality.

Potential Dangers of Wi-Fi

Damages Childhood Development

The non-thermal radio frequency radiation from Wi-Fi can disrupt normal cellular development, especially fetal development. This radiation affects growing tissues, such as in children and youth. Consequently, they would be more susceptible than average to the described effects and are at greater risk of developmental issues.

Contributes to the Development of Insomnia

Wi-Fi has also a great effect on sleep. If you feel like you cannot fall asleep, have an irregular sleeping pattern, it may be due to the low-frequency modulation from cell phones and Wi-Fi. People who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation have a significantly more difficult time falling asleep. And we all know that sleep deprivation can be harmful to the health.

Agitates Brain Function

Wi-Fi affects the concentration and the brain function. So, the brain activity is reduced, and as a result, you may experience trouble concentrating or have memory loss.

Neutralizes Sperm

Wi-Fi is another reason which threats man’s virility. Hence, exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement and cause DNA fragmentation. Moreover, it may impact fertility or increase the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

Causes Cardiac Stress

Many people experience a real physical response to electromagnetic frequencies, including increased heart rate. Therefore, Wi-Fi increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Increases the Risk of Cancer

The exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor development.

Wi-Fi Radiation – How To Protect Yourself

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from the dangers, including:

  • Avoid placing a wireless router in your kitchen or bedroom.
  • Do not keep the phone in your pocket.
  • Use wired phones when at home, to reduce electromagnetic radiation.
  • If you’re pregnant, don’t keep the phone close to the belly.
  • Make sure you keep your phone at the other end of the room, or on the seat of the car.
  • Use texting more than talking.
  • Do not use wireless baby monitors, as they all operate on microwave frequency.
  • Disconnect all Wi-Fi devices before going to sleep.

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  1. There are no references for these statements. I’m not saying I disagree that wifi may effect us, however if you want to actually make people believe this you need decent references for each claim. Thanks

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I definitely have some concerns and have heard some of this before, but would like to see some studies and citations.

  2. Hi,
    There are no references for these statements. I’m not saying I disagree that wifi may effect us, however if you want to actually make people believe this you need decent references for each claim. Thanks

  3. A feasible story, but have there been studies to back the story. When it comes to claims like this, I’m from Missouri. Show me.

  4. I’ve always wondered about this. Glad to see that I wasn’t being paranoid. My WiFi is in the living room which I’m now happy about.

  5. Wi-Fi and similar types of radiation DOES adversely affect all living beings.
    There are numerous Wite Papers to be reviewed, and are available on the Internet.
    Feel free to do your own research, it will be worth the while…

  6. Sometimes, we should be able to use our common sense and even other senses to know truths about something and not always need to see studies. By the time you see a study it could be too late. This is about survival and time is of the essence.

    When we mothers are raising our children, we often save their lives because of hunches that we get or just common sense knowledge, like giving a child with stomach pains very warm water to alleviate colic, which my doctor didn’t know because it wasn’t in books nor included in a study most likely.

    We need to try to use some of that other 90% of our brain!

  7. I agree with the previous comments. Can you actually cite your sources? Then I am willing to go along with it. I could write an article about how Whale Blubber will make you live to 100 because the Japanese are the longest lived people. But, that doesn’t make it true.

  8. I was disappointed that you didn’t recommend the most obvious remedy – turn off the freaking wifi and wire your house or apartment with ethernet cable. This is what I have done.

    • If you have a Mac Airbook, buy the ethernet/thunderbolt dongle which permits use of an ethernet connection. Do not forget to turn off the wifi on your computer (with Apple – airport) as well as this is even more destructive to your body than the modem router, usually being a lot closer.

    •Get an ISP that offer a button that allows you to turn off the wifi. If this is absolutely impossible, then construct a Faraday cage around it by double wrapping it in aluminum mosquito screen (you can cut it with standard quality scissors) and using a paper stapler to close it up, just feeding your DSL wire and ethernet out through the seam. I have a microwave meter, and if done right this reduces the strength of the mw signal (flux to physicists) in terms of watts per square meter by about 97%.

    •Throw your tablets in the trash can as they cannot be hooked to the internet in a wired fashion. (Actually, I have a Macbook Pro and an iPad.) I turn on the wifi button to download Kindle books which amounts to about 4 minutes a month. I download lots of videos to my Mac and then sync them to my iPad with a USB sync wire to watch in bed – no wifi required for the entire process).

    Of course I am just blowing smoke with this comment from my posterior as the average sheeple is about to give up their wifi and dumbphones as readily as a terminal heroin addict is to give up his smack fix. I also noticed a lot of comments asking for references. As to this, for the typical one stop shopper, I would recommend the video, Take Back Your Power, which deals primarily with microwaves from dumbmeters, but they are same culprit in the 4 gHZ range. You can stream the documentary for $3.95. Well worth it in my opinion.

    For people with attention spans of less than 16 minutes I would recommend the following superlative video on the subject by Geof Byrd called Freq of Nature.

    (BTW, have never purchased anything labeled “smart” and hope to reach the grave with that record intact.)

    1. PS: Cordless phones, also called deck phones, are very powerful microwave transmitters, even worse than cell phones and constantly transmit from their base station. We have been very happy with and recommend the standard telephone message recorder RCA model #: 1114. It cost about $35. We have told our friends to call our house phone first, if no answer – leave a message, and then try the cell. My wife won’t give up her iPhone, but she puts it on Airplane Mode when she enters the house. I have tested the Airplane Mode with my meter and it actually does shut off the microwaves.

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